A Hand UP Ministry!

A Faith Based re-entry Ministry for Dade County

Your donations will be used in the areas listed below:

1. "Tree of Life" women's house: This is a private women's home located in the Trenton area. This is a home being renovated to house women chosen to participate in A Hand UP program. Women are provided shelter as well as supervision.

2. "Iron Sharpens Iron" Men's house: A home located in Trenton area to house up to 5 men who are chosen to participate in A Hand Up Ministry. These men are provided shelter as well and supervised to follow all requirements and guidelines.

3. "White House" Men's House: House two in the Trenton area for up to 5 men.

4. Monthly/Yearly operational budget: This is the day to day providing basic care for the men and women in the program. 

If You would like to help someone find a "Better Life" you can do so by sending a check to:

A Hand UP, 326 Ty Lane, Trenton, Georgia 30752. 

You can also use the 'Donate Now' button below.


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